Developed over many years of practice by musician Michael McClelland, VIOLA BOW is a cross between the ancient martial combat arts and the modern Suzuki String teaching method. It is the only exercise program that strengthens muscles, builds endurance, and teaches ear training all at the same time!!! With only 2-1/2 to 5 hours of practice a day, you can harden your abdominals, build your biceps and triceps, and learn all the basic viola orchestral repertoire you'll need to know to play professionally in a regional orchestra! In addition, VIOLA BOW is a wonderfully sociable activity and is easy for even the youngest child or most mentally retarded or physically inept adult to learn!

"Since I've started VIOLA BOW, I've been able to work off almost 240 calories at every rehearsal. That means I can drink at least one extra beer every night! Thanks, VIOLA BOW!!!"

----David Chappell, Professional Violist, Honorary Principal Violist Ex-Emeritus Cum Laude, New Beaujolais Symphony Orchestra, Member of the Codfish String Quartet

"I give it a "2"---my highest rating!!"

----John DiPuccio, Professional Violinist, Member of the Codfish String Quartet

"Bo knows BOW!!"

----Bo Chao, Professional Violinist, South Florida Local Legend

Learn VIOLA BOW now!

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